SAT registration in nigeria
SAT registration in nigeria
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SAT Registration and Training in Nigeria

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Ace your SAT Exam in a sitting

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Take SAT in Nigeria

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is an international test required for scholars who wish to gain admission and scholarships into universities or colleges in the USA. With over 2000 universities and colleges and over 3,500 scholarships, the US is open to young scholars who distinguish themselves by making a good SAT SCORE.


It was a real incredible experience for me. The quality of the service I got was only matched by the result I got. Thanks for making the experience an unforgettable one.
Nurse, NHA

Ace your SAT Exam in Nigeria

Register with us to improve your chances of getting scholarship abroad

Register for SAT

We help people to register for SAT exam in Nigeria. With over 2000 universities and colleges and over 3,500 scholarship opportunities in the USA, we work with ambitious young Nigerians to get scholarship in universities abroad.

prepare for sat

We offer effective and result-oriented SAT prep classes in Nigeria from a conducive facility. Our multimedia-aided teaching makes learning easy, fun, and highly interactive. Our class schedule is flexible to accommodate all categories of people.


At the end of the SAT prep classes, we conduct mock test to test our students’ readiness. This carefully supervised approach helps us detect students’ weaknesses and offer further personalized assistance.

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Our robust teaching methodology, certified SAT tutors, large collections of SAT practice questions and answers and e-learning support platform help ensure that our students pass in one sitting with high SAT scores.

We enable people to pass SAT with ease

We are a leading SAT registration and training centre in Nigeria since 2008. Get to know about us

Bivent Education offers registration and comprehensive preparatory training for ambitious Nigerians that are seeking to write the SAT examination. In addition to SAT registration and training, Bivent also offers registration and prep training for IELTS, TOEFL and GRE. Bivent also provides stud abroad services and immigration consultancy for people seeking to study or work. abroad Our mission is to empower people to live their dreams.
OUR SAT registration and training program in Nigeria has enabled over 7,965 people in Abuja and across the country to pass SAT with high scores.
Bivent Education has about 12 years of experience registering and training people for the SAT examination and other foreign testing examinations in Nigeria. Our training methodologies and well-designed procedures ensure that people pass SAT in a sitting with high scores. We leverage e-learning technology, an exceptional team of certified SAT tutors, expanding library of SAT practice papers and answers and pre-SAT simulation assessment to help people pass SAT with ease.
It is our mission to see people succeed and we have unshakable confidence in our ability to help you pass SAT with a high score. We have done it for 7,965 people and we can also do it for you. Join us to experience true success.
Bivent is built around the idea that everyone should be able to pass their international tests in Nigeria (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE) in just a sitting, gain admission to study abroad in any university of their choice and safely migrate to any country with ease, hence, we leverage an exceptional work force, robust and comprehensive training procedures to help people pass SAT. Of course, exciting challenges always lie ahead, but guided by our core values, we always meet these challenges creatively and with fun.
At Bivent Education, we deploy both in-class prep training and online learning technology to ensure people ace their tests in a single sitting.
Our e-learning studio is designed to track people's learning progress in real-time to identify their weak spots. This enables us to laser-target our training for top-notch performance
Our online platform provides unlimited practice materials, thereby enabling thorough mastery of the concepts.
Our Studio Messaging System is highly interactive. It allows students to interact with their instructors, ask questions and receive instant answers.
Our studio does not require data to run after being used by a registered student for the first time. The studio provide exceptional learning experience that empowers people to learn any time, practice past questions, take assignments, ask questions, stream live lessons without data and lots more
We give simulation tests towards the end of the course to assess our students' readiness before the actual SAT test. Many of our past trainees believe this was instrumental to their eventual success.
IELTS stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. It is an international test for people seeking scholarships to study in universities in the United States.
You can take SAT in Nigeria by contacting Bivent Education Services. Bivent Education is a certified SAT registration and training centre in Abuja. Since 2008, we have trained a lot of Nigerians to living in Abuja and outside Abuja to pass SAT at first attempt with high scores.
It costs N60,000 to register, train and take SAT in Nigeria. This fee also covers the cost of all the training materials and manuals, audios, pre-test assessment, e-learning technology.
You can get high SAT score in Nigeria by registering with Bivent Education Services and attend all prep classes. Our exceptional training methodologies ensure that people ace their SAT examination with a high score.
You can get SAT past questions and answers from Bivent Education. Bivent has an expanding library of SAT past questions and answers in Nigeria
Yes. Bivent Education’s SAT e-learning technology is designed to enable people take SAT preparatory classes and training online. The platform has all the SAT training materials and practice papers to keep you going.

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Bivent is built around the idea that everyone should be able to pass any international tests in just one sitting in Nigeria

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