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Valid for two years, the test is very similar to IELTS in many ways, and very popular among institutions in the United States. Developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL is composed of the four language skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures English language proficiency for non-native speakers who wish to study in foreign universities and institutions where English will be the medium of communication.


Over the years, Bivent Education has helped hundreds of students score very highly in the TOEFL test through our carefully structured curriculum, delivered by our certified TOEFL tutors.


Bievtn is a leading TOEFL registration and training centre in Nigeria. Let’s work together to improve your outcome. 

In addition to in-class training, we deploy world-class online learning technology to ensure that our students continue learning at all times; at home, on their way back from work and anywhere.
Our e-learning studio tracks the learning progress of our students in real-time to enable us to identify possible weak spots and personalize our training for top-notch performance
Our online platform provides unlimited practice feature to our students, thereby enabling them to master any concept thoroughly. In other words, our e-learning platform is designed to permit unlimited learning of any material until the student develops complete mastery.
Our platform's Messaging System is highly interactive and enables students to communicate in real-time with their instructors online.
Our cutting-edge technology ensures that the studio does not require data to run after being used by a registered student the first time.
We give simulation tests towards the end of the course to assess our students' readiness before the actual TOEFL test. The carefully simulated test environment gives them an exact feel of the TOEFL exam conditions.
We provide unlimited practice tests to our students to enable them to prepare adequately for their TOEFL test. The practice tests are made available both online and offline.

Bivent Education offers TOEFL registration and comprehensive preparatory training for ambitious Nigerians.Our TOEFL program has enabled about 7,289 people in Abuja and across the country to pass TOEFL with high scores.

With over 12 years of experience in TEOFL preparatory training and a team of certified TOEFL tutors, Bivent Education leverages an exceptional training procedure to ensure that people pass TOEFL exams at the first attempt. Our expanding library of TOEFL practice papers and answers and pre-SAT simulation assessments help people pass TEOFL in Nigeria with high scores.

It is our mission to see people succeed at the first attempt and we have unshakable confidence in our ability to help you succeed. We have done it for 7,289 people and we can also do it for you. Join us to experience TOEFL success.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures English language proficiency for non-native speakers who wish to study in foreign universities and institutions where English will be the medium of communication.
You can take TOEFL in Nigeria by booking training and test with Bivent Education Services. Bivent Education is a certified TOEFL registration and training centre based in Abuja.
It costs N40,000 to register and book TOEFL training with Bivent Education.
To get a high TOEFL score in Nigeria, register and book for training with Bivent Education Services and attend all prep classes. Our exceptional training methodologies and a team of certified TOEFL tutors ensure that people pass the TOEFL examination with a high score.
You can get TOEFL practice tests and answers from Bivent Education. Bivent has a huge library of TOEFL past questions and answers in Nigeria.
Yes, you can. Bivent Education has an e-learning platform that enables people to take TOEFL preparatory classes and training online. The platform is loaded with all TOEFL training materials, guides, and manuals.


Fall in love with our features. Find out why people prefer our TOEFL services in Nigeria.

Flexible Schedule

To ensure that our students don't miss their TOEFL prep classes, we purposely designed the class schedule to accommodate everyone. Our range of options span through weekdays and weekends (morning, afternoon and evening) and students are at liberty to switch schedule.

e-Learning Support

We believe in technology and that people should be at liberty to learn anytime, anywhere and any day Hence, we deploy a world-class e-learning studio, fitted with virtual classroom and loads of materials to enable people learn with ease.

TOEFL Prep Classes

As a leading TOEFL training centre in Nigeria, Bivent offers effective and topnotch TOEFL preparatory training from a conducive facility. Our certified TOEFL tutors utilize multimedia-aided teaching to make learning easy, fun, and engaging.

TOEFL Mock Test

We carry out TOEFL mock test at the end of the prep classes. The simulated test environment gives our students the exact feel of the real exam and also helps us detect students' weaknesses and offer further personalized assistance.

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